Loren + Tim

Nothing fancy just love!

Loren and Tim were an absolute pleasure to work with from the very beginning. Not many brides give their stylist full creative control, but Loren’s floral brief was “just greenery”.

For this bride and groom, the wedding was about achieving one thing… having fun! From the moment Tim dropped off the alcohol, which overflowed our 3.2m bar, we could tell this affair was going to be one big party.

Off the Wall Promotions kept the dance floor alive all night, with guests only coming up for air to top up their drinks, refuel on the gourmet spread or indulge in the Krispy Creme donut wall.

You couldn’t contain the love, friendship and laughter bursting from the room. A testament to how EPIC this couple are.


Perth City Farm


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Crafty Barman
Off the Wall Promotions
Zach Taylor Photography
The Cake and I

Photography:  Zach Taylor Photography