8 ways to make your next event Instagram AF

Gone are the days of crepe paper garlands and rainbow confetti serving as go-to party decorations. As much as we hate to say goodbye to cocktail frankfurts and Woolies mud cakes, the old favourites just aren’t cutting it anymore.  

With cameras on constant standby, if your event isn’t a combination of fire and love heart eye emojis, did it really happen?

But don’t panic – we got you. Get your notepads and pens ready, our budding party-planners, your Instagram followers are in for a treat.

1. The Hashtag.

Rule one of ‘Social Media Optimised Event Club’ (should we copyright that?), use the tools God, er, the creators of Instagram, gave us, i.e. The Hashtag.

Generating a personalised hashtag for your event is a simple and cost effective way to encourage social conversation and collect content.

Example: #JonesPutARingOnIt #HarriotsHens #ShezTurns22

If you’re feeling extra, why not create your own Snapchat filter, too? Really milk it.

Zach Taylor Photography

2. Get lit.

Not just at the bar, but via neon lights. We admit it sounds oh so very 2002, but trust us, if Daryl Braithwaite can make a comeback, so can neon. Following on from the giant block letter feature trend which circulated the event world in recent years, personalised lighting is here to steal the spotlight – pun intended.

3. Next level floristry.

The modest daisy in an IKEA vase just won’t do in 2019. Extravagant arrangements hanging from the ceiling, mounting tables and lacing entry ways adds wow factor. Though our minimalist friends shouldn’t fret, arrangements can be just as effective in smaller quantities.

Provided you aren’t allergic (my love hate relationship with Pampas Grass), ask us about our floristry here!

Zach Taylor Photography

4. Food styling.

If there’s one thing we love taking photos of more than small dogs, it’s food.

Food aesthetic is arguably the most important component of event styling. We’re talking grazing boards, donut walls, prosecco fountains, edible flowers in ice cubes, the list goes on. You can still opt for the humble burger, but make it #Instagram by terming it ‘slider’ and using a Brioche bun.  

5. Perfect the photo backdrop.

After spending $300 on an outfit they’ll realistically only wear once, 2 hours styling their hair and 14 attempts at winged eyeliner, your guests will want a photo to savour their efforts. Predetermine the best spot for lighting, whether or not you want a photographer, props. Flower walls, installations and frames are some of our favourite executions. 

6. Colour coded guests.

Monochrome dress codes, particularly all-white attire, are becoming a popular trend amongst many soirees, even weddings. Not only will this contribute to the overall aesthetic of your event, it will save your aunty messaging you nine photos of green and fuschia dresses she’s stuck on.

Jillian McHugh Photograph

7. Food trucks.

If your budget allows it, hiring a food truck is a delicious alternative to traditional catering. It introduces the element of choice to your guests, as well as reducing clean up, tedious decisions over how many quiches to order and creates a fun atmosphere.

8. Silent disco.

If you can’t get nana to the festival, bring the festival to nana.

If you aren’t familiar with the concept, a silent disco consists of a congregation of people wearing headphones and jamming out to a party ballad, typically found at festivals and large scale events. Minimal setup is required, all that’s needed is ample space, three fire emoji playlists and a stack of headphones! Singing Snapchat selfies guaranteed.   

While you may credit yourself a degree in Pinteresting, investing in an experienced event stylist is the key to a snap-worthy shindig. Stylists will save you time, resources and the foreboding meltdown. Consider it an investment not only in your social media presence, but your mental health.

Check out our Facebook and Instagram for a glimpse at State of Art styled events, or head to our website to get in touch.